Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Goody Bag Time!

Well, it's Saturday & I've been to Claire's again and bought my Saturday goody bag for £3. Bit disappointed though as there were only a few left :(

Here's what I got in it:

The eyebrow ring will be going on ebay as I don't have an eyebrow piercing, free listing this weekend too! Loving my rainbow star bracelets & owl phone sock though.

It was also their sale so I bought these as well:

This caught my eye as it reminded me of Fable 3 as it looked very industrial.

I also bought...

Just because they were cute really. I'm going to get myself a load of fimo and bits & bobs to try make my own similar jewelry and will sell them on etsy so watch this space for my up and coming etsy shop!

Also coming soon, my personal review and tutorial of the new Barry M instant effects nail varnish, there's also a great video by panacea81 aka Lauren Luke on tube, she has some great vids so check her out. xx


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