Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Saturday Haul!

Well, it's Saturday and I've been into town in search of goodies. Here is what I bought on my epic quest for more stuff!

First off is the hair products I bought for up & coming hair project:

Also on the left, I managed to get 4 lush headbands for £2.50 from Internacionale!

Next up is the Barry M products I bought to do reviews on (video coming up next.)

I bought the touch of magic lipstick & their new Instant nail effects nail varnish top coat.

Then I went Claire's for my usual pink goody bag & noticed they had the big white goody bags too! Double goody bag joy!!

So starting with the usual pink one here's what I got:

Not so keen on the white "Cliff Richard" glasses but as you can see below, the kitten seems to like them :)

So now onto the exciting big white goody bag!!

As you can see there's loads of really good stuff, the gloves look blue under my LED kitchen lights but they're actually a cool purple! I got both bags for £3 each and there must be about £40 worth of stuff in each!!

Again, not so keen on the little top hat but someone else was:

And finally, my usual Saturday foodie treats, including the starmix I plan on shrinking the bags for keyrings :)

Well, that's my Saturday haul, I hope you enjoyed nosing through my goodies lol!
Coming up next is my review on the Barry M Touch of Magic, green to pink lipstick. xx


Vix said...

Hi Claire! I've always wondered what treats lurked in those bags, Kitten's rocking that hat and specs. I used to use the Barry M green to pink lippie back in the 1980's and loved it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. x

Claire Pugh said...

Hey Vix, thanks for taking the time to comment, I never knew they had this in the 80's! Love your blog, wish I could find the vintage gems you do, it's really hard to find ones in my sixze being a big girl but i love vintage accessories & customising things. xx

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