Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Old School Fun!!

Ok so as today has been really rainy & miserable I decided to have some indoor fun!
I bought a packet of marshmallows from our home bargains shop yesterday for 30p & I'm ashamed to say that I ate them all without realising whilst playing Viva Pinata, anyway I decided the packet was just too cute to throw out so I decided to make myself a keyring out of it.

Here is a photo of the said packet with a marker pen for scale:

I usually make the keyring hole using a hole punch but I couldn't find it so I just cut a hole through it:

 Next I put it on top of a piece of foil on top of a baking tray, I use a pizza tray as the holes in it help distribute the heat better.

 Pop in the oven on around 250 degrees C until the packet won't shrink any smaller. Carefully remove (it will be boiling hot so be careful) and leave to harden and cool. Here's how mine ended up:
 I then put a keyring chain through the premade hole:

It IS quite large for a keyring as it was a fairly big bag to begin with (a rule of thumb when doing this is that the bag shrinks to about a third of the original size). If you wanted something cute and smaller, I would try using the little packets from the haribo starmix multipack bags but I didn't have any to hand today so used the mallow bag instead. I might actually get some starmix in for my next rainy day, plus what a great excuse to nom more sweeties! xx


lizzie said...

am going to try this with the zo the weekend x

Claire Pugh said...

Great! It works really well with the little haribo starmix bags xx

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