Thursday, 10 March 2011


So as promised in previous blog entries, I'm finally blogging a tutorial/review for Barry M's instant effects nail varnish. It's taken me a little while to do because I wanted to do something original to the many instant effects tuorials already out there. Most people are using just one colour under this to create an animal print type effect but to me the effect has always looked like a volcanic rock so I thought why not try volcanic colours underneath?

The products I used were OPI "get my car reddy", 2true orange and 2true light lime/lemon from Superdrug but you can use any that you want and in fact a neon orange and yellow would be ideal as it would show through stronger.

I started off with the red and just painted the bottom of the nail, you don't have to be neat as the instant effects covers it very well.

I then applied my orange, again dont worry about straight lines or going over the red a bit.

And finally the yellow at the top, this would be a pretty neat look in itself if I've painted the lines straight.

So finally I applied the instant effects, it really is a little bit trial and error with the thickness but don't be afraid to put a good thick coating on as it can look a bit weak if you only put a thin coat on. There are loads of Youtube videos that will show you the product turning from a n all over black coat to it's crackle finish, panacea81 or lauren luke's one is good as she has a proper camera and lighting unlike me :)

Here's a pic of the final volcanic lava effect, apologies for the poor quality of pic and also I did this really quick so it could be neater but the colours in daylight really do pop.

I would definately try different colours as well, the instant effects gives the overall look of a gradient effect which is really cool.

One final point I would make is that the instant effects leaves a very matt finish to the nail, I wouls use a top coat to seal the colours in but also to help prevent chipping.

You can buy Barry M's instant nail effects from Superdrug, Boots (good for advantage points) and directly from the Barry M website .

Again, I don't get paid or endorse any particular brand for money, all my opinions are my own.

Hope you all enjoyed my little tutorial/review. xx


liz said...

loving it Claire, when zoe is awake im going to show this to her cos i think it would be a good incentive to get her to stop biting her nails. rebecca would also love this as with the hair she has perfect nails too so it would look really lush on her. i should book you for her birthday treat to get her nails done and perhap some make-up advice and trials, what you think???xxx. this was a good piece keep up the good work xxxx

rebecca said...

wow claire that looks great. i'm gonna haveto try that, and feel free to post loads more so i can copy them to. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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