Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red & Black Hair!

OK so my hair has been absolutely minging since just after Xmas and it was time to do something about it.

It has been my plan to do something really mad with my hair but I haven't quite got the nerve to do it yet so I decided to do something different but not too drastic with my hair.

.I was going to do a vibrant red all over but Superdrug only had one box of it, it looks like the Schwarzkopf Live Luminance range is being discontinued as you can only get the ultra violet colour in some places now. I picked up shade L42 in Infrared.

The other box that caught my eye was theSchwarzkopf  Live Color XXL in Blue Black, I'd previously dyed my hair this colour for my wedding (& in my profile pic) and although the colour was really good, although it did stay a long time in my hair being a black colour and I wasn't sure I wanted that commitment again. Then I had a thought, why not do half and half? I don't mean one side red and the other black that'd be a bit daft, I mean black underneath with the red on top, so I bought the 2 boxes and gave it a go.

So I set about seperating my hair out, not easy, I used a tail comb to roughly separate each half & tied the top bit up hence:

What an attractive look huh?

So I applied the Blue Black to the bottom half with the aid of a tinting brush and croc clipped it out of the way. I then started to apply the Infrared, I could really have done with another box of it as even though I was only doing half my hair the bottle only gave half as much dye as the blue black!

I was a little apprehensive about the ORANGE roots at this point! But there was no going back now.

These hats are available from all Tesco's stores :).

Ok so after 20 minutes was up I rinsed out, dried off and straightened and was quite pleasantly surprised by the result, the "orange" had mellowed into more of the red it promised and the black makes a really nice contrast poking out underneath. I would say that I was hoping for more of a coca cola red than the orangey red so I may in the next couple of weeks put a more cherry red rinse through it to even it out but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Unfortunately my bathroom didn't show the red colour too well, I should really have taken some in daylight but I was in my jammies lol, I will try put a photo up in the next blog.

The red really is a lot more vibrant in daylight.

Plus you can see more of the blue tint in the black in the day light too, plus I need my split ends doing badly

Hope you enjoyed my quick hair dye tutorial, remember to ALWAYS patch test. xx


Prowlcat said...

ooooo lovely :D one of my close friends has red on top and black underneath :) looks awesome :Dxx

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