Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bubblegum Cupcakes!

About 10 o clock this morning my postie knocks on my door with a parcel for me from America. To my delight I discovered that it was in fact the candy oils (food flavourings) I'd bought about 2 weeks ago from an American ebay supplier.

When I say food flavourings, I don't just mean the standard set ones you get in the shops in the UK, I mean really weird and wonderful flavours like eggnog, cotton candy & liquorice!

With these and a pack of Green's butterfly cake mix I set about making some bubblegum flavour cupcakes.

I followed the instructions on the cake packet and added some drops of bubblegum flavouring & pink food colouring to the sponge mux and the flavouring and a blue food colouring to the frosting. I topped them off with some hundreds and thousands. I think they came out quite well.

Or cours I HAD to show you a cut section of one of them to show the pink songe inside so I was forced to eat one for this purpose :)

Hope you enjoyed xx


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