Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Cupcake Anyone?

Helloooooo! I'm back from outer space :)

So tomorrow is the Royal Wedding and as such
I've been invited to my lovely sister in law Sharon's Wedding party soiree and I couldn't turn up empty handed so I decided to get my pinny out and start baking for the occasion. (Never had as much hype as this for MY wedding, how very dare they!)

I did 2 lots, some lemon gluten free ones for my sis and some cherry ones for everyone else, both from packet mixes but both came out very well, especially the gluten free mix, I'm tempted next time to just use gluten free mixes but they are more pricxey :(

So here's how they turned out, red cherries, blue icing & white paper cases lol:

The best thing when making them was my cheapo icing syringe from B&M Bargains for the icing. I'd previously bought a proper Tala icing bag set and it was rubbish, don't waste you're money if you're thinking of buying one as you'll never ever get the bag clean again. Yet this was really easy to use and clean and gave really good results all for £1.49!! Love it! xx


Forgotten Vinyl said...

And very nice they were as well xxxx

Prowlcat said...

oh they look lovely! yum yum :Dxx

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